General Information

Overall Rating
Startup Costs
Hardware costs vary; typical costs are around $179 to $307, depending on the package, with additional monthly monitoring fees of $29.95.
User Reviews
Generally positive reviews emphasizing the system's responsiveness and customer satisfaction.
Most Popular Products
Voice-activated wall buttons and standard wall buttons
High reliability with CSAA Five Diamond Certified monitoring centers and robust 24/7 emergency support.
Ease of Setup
Described as easy to install with no landline required, only needing a power outlet for the 4G LTE base unit.
Ease of Use
Systems are designed for ease of use, allowing voice activation or simple button presses to summon help, and are suitable for users of all technological proficiencies.
Best for
Individuals looking for a non-wearable, home-integrated medical alert system, especially suited for those who prefer not to wear alert devices.

The distinctive hands-free functionality of GetSafe systems sets them apart in the medical alert sector. The voice-activated console, which allows users to call for help by merely speaking to the device, is crucial for situations where physically reaching for a button might not be possible.

  • Reliability and Adaptability: GetSafe systems are designed for dependable, round-the-clock assistance through button activation and voice commands. They offer flexible connectivity options, accommodating various home setups with landline and wireless connections.
  • Straightforward Installation: The setup process for GetSafe systems is intentionally simple. Though primarily designed for DIY installation, professional setup services are also available.

Device Options and Technical Aspects

In-home Devices
The central unit has two-way communication for clear emergency calls.
Wearable Devices
Optional neck pendants with fall detection, providing dynamic safety.
Wall Buttons
Includes both standard and voice-activated models for flexible activation.
Other Devices
Voice-activated mini consoles expand the system's reach throughout the home.

GetSafe provides various device options to cater to diverse user needs, enhancing safety and usability within the home environment.

Device Variety and Specifications

  • In-Home Devices: The core of GetSafe’s product line includes the in-home central unit with robust two-way communication capabilities, allowing direct contact with emergency services.
  • Wearable Devices: Optional lightweight pendants with fall detection offer an additional security layer for those who prefer wearable devices.
  • Wall Buttons: These are installable in strategic home locations and are activated by a simple press or voice commands—key for areas like bathrooms and kitchens where accidents are more frequent.
  • Additional Devices: Voice-activated mini consoles can be placed throughout the home, ensuring that help is accessible from any location within the premises.

GetSafe’s comprehensive device options ensure that safety and ease of use are prioritized across different home settings, addressing the varied needs of users efficiently.

Technical Characteristics

Battery Life
Up to 5 years for wearable devices, with low-battery alerts and free replacements.
Connectivity Type
Devices are fully wireless, using 4G LTE for robust connectivity without requiring a landline.
Size and Weight
Compact and lightweight, designed to be unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing.
In-home Systems Range
Extensive coverage within the home, ensuring no area is left unprotected.
Wearable Device Range
Up to 800ft, covering extensive household areas, including outdoor spaces.
Customization and Alert Options
Various alert methods, including button press, pull cord, or voice activation.
Fall Detection
This is an add-on feature for enhanced safety, detecting falls automatically.
Water Resistant
All devices are water-resistant and suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens.

The medical alert systems from GetSafe are engineered to offer a cohesive and seamless safety experience within residential settings, blending advanced technology with user convenience.

Connectivity and Integration

  • Advanced 4G LTE Technology: The systems utilize 4G LTE technology, ensuring reliable wireless service that eliminates the need for traditional landline connections, simplifying the setup, and enhancing the operational scope within the home.
  • Environmental Integration: Unlike conventional systems that rely heavily on wearable tech, these systems feature a mix of wall-mounted units and voice-activated technology, providing thorough coverage across the residence.

Design and Customization

  • Aesthetic and Functional Design: The devices are designed to be discreet and complement home aesthetics while offering functional, user-friendly interfaces that accommodate a variety of personal preferences and mobility needs.
  • Customizable Alerts: Users can customize how they trigger alerts through voice commands or manual button presses, adapting the system to meet individual comfort and needs.

Coverage and Safety

  • Broad In-home Coverage: The systems can cover extensive areas, ensuring that every corner of the home is within the reach of emergency communications.
  • Robust Backup Solutions: Equipped with long-lasting batteries and backup power options, the systems remain operational even during power outages, maintaining continuous protection.
  • Water Resistance: All components are water-resistant, making them ideal for installation in bathrooms and kitchens with a higher risk of accidents.

Focus on Non-wearable Technology

  • Enhanced Accessibility: By minimizing reliance on wearable devices, these systems cater to users who prefer not to wear pendants or bracelets, thus broadening their appeal and usability.

These features underscore the brand’s dedication to delivering innovative, user-friendly, secure medical alert solutions that stand out in a crowded market.

Compare to Other Brands

Monitoring and Response

24/7 Monitoring Service
Continuous monitoring by certified professionals available at any time of the day.
Monitoring Center Certification
UL-Certified centers ensure a reliable and high-quality emergency response.
Two-Way Voice Communication
Allows direct and clear communication with operators during emergencies.
GPS Tracking
Available as an add-on with mobile GPS for users who opt for wearable devices.
Activity Monitoring
Continuous user activity monitoring to detect unusual patterns or emergencies.
Mobile App Integration
Integration with mobile apps for real-time updates and alerts, enhancing communication.
Monitoring & Response Time
Quick response times ensure emergency services are dispatched promptly after an alert.

The monitoring services provided by GetSafe are notable for their excellence and efficiency, which are crucial for a robust emergency support system.

Monitoring Excellence

  • Certified Monitoring Centers: The brand’s monitoring centers hold the prestigious CSAA Five Diamond Certification, ensuring they meet stringent standards for quality and reliability. Regular audits maintain these high standards.
  • Expertly Trained Staff: The monitoring staff undergoes rigorous selection and training in emergency response, equipping them to manage crises effectively and provide reassurance during emergencies.

Communication and Reliability

  • Clear Communication: Integrating high-fidelity speakers and sensitive microphones ensures that communication between the user and monitoring staff is clear and compelling, a critical factor during emergencies.
  • Consistent Connectivity: Leveraging modern 4G LTE technology, the system maintains a reliable link to monitoring centers, ensuring that communication remains consistent and uninterrupted.

Advanced Monitoring Capabilities

  • Rapid Response: Known for their swift reaction times, the monitoring centers are equipped to quickly escalate alerts to emergency services, minimizing delays during emergencies.
  • Discreet Activity Monitoring: The systems are designed to subtly monitor unusual activities or emergencies, providing an additional layer of security for users who cannot manually activate an alert.

Integration and Accessibility

  • Potential for App Integration: While initially not specified, integrating with mobile applications could enhance monitoring capabilities and customization, offering users and their families real-time updates and additional control over their safety protocols.
  • GPS Capabilities: For systems equipped with this feature, GPS tracking allows for quick location identification in emergencies, ensuring prompt responses regardless of the user’s location.

These monitoring features combine sophisticated technology with professional expertise, providing a safety network that reassures users and their families of the system’s reliability and effectiveness. This robust monitoring framework makes GetSafe a reliable choice for those seeking comprehensive, non-intrusive medical alert solutions.

Additional Features

Available to safely store keys for emergency access.
Multi-User Support
Systems can support multiple users within the same household.
Medication Reminders
Optional feature that can be configured to remind users to take their medication.
Voice Activation
Available on selected devices, allowing hands-free operation to call for help.
Multilingual Support
Support is available in multiple languages to cater to a diverse customer base.

GetSafe Medical Alert Systems have various enhanced features designed to boost daily safety and increase user convenience. These systems help make daily routines safer and more manageable, improving users’ overall quality of life.

These additional functionalities are thoughtfully integrated into the systems to address common concerns and needs, ensuring users can confidently and quickly navigate their daily lives. By incorporating these features, GetSafe aims to deliver emergency assistance and a comprehensive tool that aids in daily health and safety management.

Customer Service and Support

Customer Service Score
High ratings for customer service, reflecting quick response times and adequate support.
Devices Maintenance
Minimal maintenance and automatic alerts for low battery or system issues are required.
Returns and Refunds
Risk-free 30-day trial period, with easy returns and refunds if unsatisfied.
Comprehensive warranty covers device malfunctions and defects, ensuring replacements if necessary.

GetSafe’s customer service framework is crafted to address user concerns efficiently and effectively. The company maintains a dedicated 24/7 support line, allowing users to receive assistance or make inquiries anytime. The service extends to multilingual support, accommodating a broad range of users and ensuring that aid is available in several languages.

The firm also offers a comprehensive warranty and maintenance plan that reassures users by covering any defects or issues without additional costs. A straightforward return and refund policy allows users to trial the system without financial risk, ensuring it aligns with their needs and preferences.

This strong emphasis on customer care and robust support and warranty services underlines GetSafe’s commitment to user satisfaction and safety, making it a reliable choice for those depending on medical alert systems.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans
Starter (0-1 bedrooms), Standard (2-3 bedrooms), Select (4-5 bedrooms)
Initial Setup Fee
Equipment costs range from $79 to $279, depending on the plan.
Monthly Fee
$29.95 for all plans, providing 24/7 monitoring.
Extra Services Fees
Add-ons such as Mobile GPS and Fall Detection start at $10/mo.
Discounts and Offers
10% off + free shipping for new customers.
Trial Period
30-day risk-free trial across all packages

GetSafe provides several subscription plans that cater to various living spaces and user requirements, ensuring appropriate coverage for each customer’s unique situation.

Each option is designed to offer comprehensive coverage with reliable 24/7 monitoring, including advanced safety features like automatic fall detection and mobile GPS options.

Customer and Expert Opinions

GetSafe’s medical alert systems have earned high marks for their innovative design and effectiveness, supported by positive feedback from users and industry experts.

User Reviews

  • Jessica from “Four Generations One Roof”: Jessica commended the system for its easy setup and the significant peace of mind for her grandfather’s safety. She appreciated the non-intrusive design and the system’s reliability during emergencies.
  • Betty from “Hello Betty”: Facing mobility challenges due to Rheumatoid arthritis, Betty found the voice-activated features exceptionally beneficial. She highlighted how the system bolstered her confidence to navigate her home safely, appreciating the independence from wearing traditional alert devices.

These testimonials underscore the tangible benefits and user-friendly nature of GetSafe’s systems, making them particularly valuable for older adults and individuals with special medical needs.

Pros and Cons

These medical alert systems combine advanced safety features with a design focused on user needs, presenting a solid option for those searching for dependable in-home solutions. While offering flexible and extensive coverage, potential users should weigh the initial costs and the system’s focus on in-home use.

Despite these points, the overwhelming positive feedback regarding its usability and discreet technology highlights its significant value. The approach to enhancing user independence and safety without wearable devices positions it as a leader in the medical alert industry.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Offers tailored options for different home sizes to ensure optimal coverage.
  • Non-Invasive Technology: Utilizes voice activation, which removes the need for wearable alert devices.
  • Flexible Pricing: Subscription plans have added safety features, including fall detection.
  • Positive Feedback: The system has received acclaim from users and experts for its functionality and ease of use.
  • Initial Costs: The upfront expense for equipment may deter some potential users.
  • Primarily, In-Home Focus: The system emphasizes mobile solutions less than other offerings in the market.
  • Additional Fees: There are extra charges for fall detection and mobile GPS tracking services.

Conclusion and Recommendation

GetSafe Medical Alert Systems provide a pragmatic and convenient solution for those aiming to maintain their independence while enhancing safety. Featuring innovative, non-wearable, voice-activated technology, they are ideally suited for individuals who prefer not to use traditional medical alert devices.

With plans tailored to fit various living environments and including additional safety features like fall detection and mobile GPS, these systems comprehensively address the needs of their users. Backed by solid endorsements from experts and users alike, they are highly recommended for anyone requiring reliable in-home emergency support.

Perfect for older adults, those with medical conditions, or anyone needing robust emergency assistance, these systems offer peace of mind and enhanced security with minimal disruption to daily life. They exemplify a remarkable synthesis of innovation, user-friendliness, and attention to customer needs, making them an excellent choice for evaluating medical alert options.