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Exploring medical alert systems requires a nuanced understanding of brands like Medical Guardian and GetSafe, each serving distinctive user needs with specialized technologies. Medical Guardian provides a broad spectrum of devices, emphasizing flexibility and mobility for an active lifestyle. Meanwhile, GetSafe focuses on streamlined, in-home systems, perfect for those who prioritize simplicity and seamless integration without wearable components.

Medical Guardian

Rating: 4.8
Embrace a safer tomorrow with Medical Guardian – your trusted partner in personal emergency response

Medical Guardian offers a wide array of devices and features, ensuring there’s an option for nearly any need and budget.

  • Waterproof Durability
  • GPS Functionality
  • Long Battery Life
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
Why We Choose It?

In selecting the Medical Guardian bracelet for our review, we focused on its standout blend of advanced safety features, user-centric design, and reliability. This choice was driven by its comprehensive coverage, ensuring users feel secure and supported whether at home or on the go.

The waterproof durability, GPS functionality, and long battery life stand out as key reasons, providing peace of mind to a wide range of users—from active adults to seniors living independently. Additionally, its nationwide coverage and easy-to-use interface make it a superior choice for anyone seeking a blend of modern technology with practical, everyday safety. Our commitment to reviewing products that genuinely enhance users’ lives led us to choose the Medical Guardian bracelet, highlighting its role as a reliable guardian in the landscape of medical alert systems.


Rating: 4.7
GetSafe delivers an effective combination of security and convenience with its robust selection of medical alert systems. These systems are perfect for tech-savvy individuals and those who appreciate straightforward solutions, providing quick assistance without needing constant physical wear.

GetSafe delivers an effective combination of security and convenience with its robust selection of medical alert systems. These systems are perfect for tech-savvy individuals and those who appreciate straightforward solutions, providing quick assistance without needing constant physical wear.

  • Voice-Activated Technology
  • 24/7 Monitoring Support
  • Non-Wearable Options
  • Advanced 4G LTE Connectivity
  • Comprehensive In-Home Coverage
  • Water-Resistant Devices
Why We Choose It?

We’ve chosen GetSafe Medical Alerts as our top pick for home-based medical alert systems due to its blend of innovative technology and user-centric features. GetSafe stands out for its voice-activated technology, which allows users to call for help without needing to physically reach or wear a device, providing exceptional convenience and accessibility.

Additionally, the systems offer comprehensive in-home coverage with advanced 4G LTE connectivity, ensuring reliable communication even in extensive living spaces. The non-wearable option particularly appeals to those who prefer not to wear pendants or bracelets while still ensuring they are protected.

General Information

2/2 brands
Medical Guardian
Overall Rating
Startup Costs
$99 for device purchase + $49.95 activation fee
Hardware costs vary; typical costs are around $179 to $307, depending on the package, with additional monthly monitoring fees of $29.95.
User Reviews
Mostly positive
Generally positive reviews emphasizing the system's responsiveness and customer satisfaction.
Most Popular Products
MGMini, MGClassic Alert Systems
Voice-activated wall buttons and standard wall buttons
High reliability with CSAA Five Diamond Certified monitoring centers and robust 24/7 emergency support.
Ease of Setup
User-friendly, quick installation
Described as easy to install with no landline required, only needing a power outlet for the 4G LTE base unit.
Ease of Use
Intuitive interface and simple operation
Systems are designed for ease of use, allowing voice activation or simple button presses to summon help, and are suitable for users of all technological proficiencies.
Best for
Seniors living alone, individuals with mobility issues, tech-savvy users seeking comprehensive features
Individuals looking for a non-wearable, home-integrated medical alert system, especially suited for those who prefer not to wear alert devices.

Medical Guardian caters to a diverse clientele with devices that support both in-home and external use, which is ideal for individuals who require dependable safety measures in various settings. GetSafe’s systems, devoid of wearable components, utilize voice commands and stationary buttons to ensure safety throughout the home, catering to those who desire less intrusive solutions.

Technical Characteristics

2/2 brands
Medical Guardian
Battery Life
24-72 hours, depends on device
Up to 5 years for wearable devices, with low-battery alerts and free replacements.
Connectivity Type
Wi-Fi, cellular, and landline connections available
Devices are fully wireless, using 4G LTE for robust connectivity without requiring a landline.
Size and Weight
Smallest wearable devices on the market
Compact and lightweight, designed to be unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing.
In-home Systems Range
1,300 ft (about 3 football fields)
Extensive coverage within the home, ensuring no area is left unprotected.
Wearable Device Range
Not specified
Up to 800ft, covering extensive household areas, including outdoor spaces.
Customization and Alert Options
Available for all wearable devices
Various alert methods, including button press, pull cord, or voice activation.
Fall Detection
This is an add-on feature for enhanced safety, detecting falls automatically.
Water Resistant
All devices are water resistant
All devices are water-resistant and suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens.

Medical Guardian integrates features like GPS and water resistance across its device range, ensuring functionality in diverse environments. In contrast, GetSafe’s offerings operate independently of internet connectivity, emphasizing accessibility with features like voice-activated emergency calls that enhance user autonomy in urgent situations.

Monitoring and Response

2/2 brands
Medical Guardian
24/7 Monitoring Service
Continuous monitoring by certified professionals available at any time of the day.
Monitoring Center Certification
UL-Certified centers ensure a reliable and high-quality emergency response.
Two-Way Voice Communication
Available in all on-the-go devices and in MGHome Cellular system
Allows direct and clear communication with operators during emergencies.
GPS Tracking
Available as an add-on with mobile GPS for users who opt for wearable devices.
Activity Monitoring
Medical Guardian Care Web Portal and Mobile App compatiable
Continuous user activity monitoring to detect unusual patterns or emergencies.
Mobile App Integration
Integration with mobile apps for real-time updates and alerts, enhancing communication.
Monitoring & Response Time
Fast response
Quick response times ensure emergency services are dispatched promptly after an alert.

Medical Guardian delivers robust monitoring solutions ideal for users who frequent both home and external environments, with GPS-enhanced devices that ensure quick emergency location tracking. GetSafe provides efficient in-home monitoring, focusing on accessibility with voice-activated systems that allow users to summon help without physical contact with a device.

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Additional Features

2/2 brands
Medical Guardian
Available to safely store keys for emergency access.
Multi-User Support
Systems can support multiple users within the same household.
Medication Reminders
Available in some devices
Optional feature that can be configured to remind users to take their medication.
Voice Activation
Available on selected devices, allowing hands-free operation to call for help.
Multilingual Support
Support is available in multiple languages to cater to a diverse customer base.

Enhancing its core offerings, Medical Guardian includes fall detection and health monitoring to cater to users requiring detailed wellness tracking. GetSafe enriches its user experience with multi-resident support and simplified operations, making it an attractive option for those seeking straightforward, effective monitoring solutions.

Customer Service and Support

2/2 brands
Medical Guardian
Customer Service Score
High ratings for customer service, reflecting quick response times and adequate support.
Devices Maintenance
Minimal maintenance and automatic alerts for low battery or system issues are required.
Returns and Refunds
Risk-free 30-day trial period, with easy returns and refunds if unsatisfied.
Covered by Medical Guardian Protection Plan
Comprehensive warranty covers device malfunctions and defects, ensuring replacements if necessary.

Both brands are lauded for exemplary customer service. Medical Guardian offers various support options to ensure user confidence and satisfaction. GetSafe’s 24/7 customer service ensures users have continuous access to assistance, underscored by comprehensive warranty offerings emphasizing their commitment to user satisfaction.

Cost and Value

2/2 brands
Medical Guardian
Subscription Plans
Monthly, quarterly or annually
Starter (0-1 bedrooms), Standard (2-3 bedrooms), Select (4-5 bedrooms)
Initial Setup Fee
$99 for device purchase + $49.95 activation fee
Equipment costs range from $79 to $279, depending on the plan.
Monthly Fee
Start at $29.95
$29.95 for all plans, providing 24/7 monitoring.
Extra Services Fees
Starts at $10/month
Add-ons such as Mobile GPS and Fall Detection start at $10/mo.
Discounts and Offers
Often. Latest Offer: 75% Off for MGHome products
10% off + free shipping for new customers.
Trial Period
30 days
30-day risk-free trial across all packages

Medical Guardian’s flexible pricing models cater to various budgets, offering various essential to advanced systems options. GetSafe opts for a simplified pricing structure, with a single monthly fee covering comprehensive service provisions, appealing to those who value straightforward billing alongside extensive service coverage.

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Deciding between Medical Guardian and GetSafe hinges on individual preferences for mobility and simplicity. Medical Guardian fits those needing a dynamic range of protective solutions adaptable to home and away settings. For those preferring robust, fuss-free home safety, GetSafe’s systems provide reliable protection with the ease of voice-command functionality. Both brands stand out in the medical alert system market, promising enhanced safety and independence for their users.

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