General Information

Overall Rating
Startup Costs
Starts from a $199 setup fee plus $59.95/month for annual subscription plan and $299 setup fee and $69.95 for the first month for monthly plans.
User Reviews
Positive - Users commend its reliability, discreet appearance, and the peace of mind it offers.
Most Popular Products
Kanega Watch
High - Offers 24/7 protection with a Five Diamond certified monitoring service, ensuring quality emergency response.
Ease of Setup
User-Friendly - Designed for immediate use with minimal setup required; arrives pre-programmed.
Ease of Use
High - Features such as voice activation and medication reminders enhance user experience, making it ideal for seniors.
Best for
Seniors seeking a stylish, reliable medical alert system that provides freedom and does not stigmatize the wearer.

Overview of Unaliwear Medical Alerts

Forbes highlights the unusual origins of Unaliwear’s flagship product, the Kanega Watch – it was born from a deep friendship. The name reflects this, rooted in the Cherokee words for “friend” and “speak.” This philosophy shapes their devices; they offer more than just an emergency button. They foster a sense of connection for the wearer.

Types of Devices

In-home Devices
Wearable Devices
Kanega Watch
Wall Buttons
Other Devices

Unaliwear takes a unique approach by focusing solely on wearable medical alert devices, the Kanega Watch being their core product. This means seniors are protected at home and on the go without needing complex home systems or clunky pendants.

This deliberate emphasis on a single, powerful device streamlines the process for seniors. It reduces confusion and makes the Kanega Watch a proper all-in-one solution for safety and peace of mind.

Kanega Watch Technical Characteristics

Battery Life
Multiple days on a single charge; includes a unique battery swap system for 24/7 wearability without the need to recharge daily.
Connectivity Type
WiFi, Cellular (LTE-CAT M1 for reduced power consumption and extended coverage), and GPS for accurate location tracking.
Size and Weight
Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably on a senior's wrist; lightweight enough for all-day wear.
In-home Systems Range
Not applicable; designed for wearability and mobility both inside and outside the home.
Wearable Device Range
Nationwide coverage with cellular and GPS tracking.
Customization and Alert Options
Voice activation, manual button press, and automatic fall detection for alerts; medication reminders and other customizable features.
Fall Detection
Advanced algorithm with fewer false alerts, industry-leading accuracy.
Water Resistant
Yes, allowing for wear in showers, a common place for falls.

Review of the Most Popular Products: Unaliwear Kanega Watch Technical Characteristics

To fully appreciate the Kanega Watch, let’s examine what makes it an innovative companion that promotes senior independence. Besides the always-on emergency monitoring, it boasts GPS tracking for precise location finding and industry-leading fall detection. Its water resistance addresses a considerable safety concern – the risk of falls in the shower.

Moreover, the Kanega Watch has a discreet, modern design to reduce stigma. The National Council on Aging even awarded it “Best for Fall Detection” – a sign of how successfully the tech balances function with dignity.

Monitoring and Response Features

24/7 Monitoring Service
Constant connection to a US-based monitoring center, ensuring help is always just a voice command or button press away.
Monitoring Center Certification
Five Diamond certified by The Monitoring Association (TMA), ensuring high standards in emergency response.
Two-Way Voice Communication
Enables direct communication with emergency operators through the watch.
GPS Tracking
Precise location tracking to quickly send help directly to the wearer's location in emergencies.
Activity Monitoring
Tracks daily activities to provide insights into the wearer's movement patterns, potentially identifying health trends or concerns.
Mobile App Integration
Not explicitly mentioned; however, the device's standalone features negate the immediate need for app integration for essential functions.
Monitoring & Response Time
Swift connection to emergency services, thanks to efficient technology and reliable connectivity.

The Unaliwear Kanega Watch is lauded for its user-friendliness. It arrives virtually ready to use, ideal for seniors struggling with complex setups. Accessing help, setting medication reminders, and relying on fall detection features are all designed for easy interaction.

While the band may be slightly larger for very petite wrists, this seems a reasonable trade-off considering the watch’s capabilities. User testimonials routinely praise the fall detection’s accuracy and the swiftness of emergency alerts. Real-world cases document how the Kanega has genuinely saved lives.

The company shines in its combination of reliable tech and fast response. Its RealFall technology backs up the promise of protection, making the Kanega Watch a frontrunner for anyone seeking a dependable and truly senior-friendly medical alert solution.

Compare to Other Brands

Additional Features

Not specified
Multi-User Support
Available for In-Home Systems (required additional wristband or nacklage device purchase)
Medication Reminders
Included; users can set up medication reminders, making it easier to manage their health regimen.
Voice Activation
Allows for hands-free operation, making it easier for wearers to call for help without needing to press a button.
Multilingual Support
Not directly applicable as the watch is designed for individual use, but multiple watches can be managed within a family.

The Kanega Watch by Unaliwear truly stands out as a comprehensive solution. Beyond the core safety features, it integrates valuable tools like medication reminders. This functionality directly improves health management for seniors – accidental missed doses or overdoses become far less likely. It reinforces the idea that the watch is more than an emergency button; it’s proactive healthcare.

While additions like lockboxes or multilingual support are not currently included, the emphasis is on a streamlined experience. The focus remains on the discreet, reliable medical alert function with the bonus of medication tracking, all without hidden costs or complex add-ons. This makes it ideal for users seeking a focused, no-fuss solution prioritizing safety and health.

Customer Service and Support

Customer Service Score
Devices Maintenance
Minimal; the watch is designed for durability and ease of use, with simple battery replacement as needed.
Returns and Refunds
Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, with a straightforward return policy for user satisfaction.
Provides a lifetime warranty, showcasing confidence in product reliability and long-term service.

Unaliwear understands that a medical alert is only as good as the support behind it. Their customer service consistently receives rave reviews. Users praise the team’s responsiveness and genuine understanding of seniors’ unique needs. Whether resolving tech issues or handling emergencies, the focus on care is evident.

The Kanega Watch is meant to be low-maintenance, reducing stress for its wearers. A generous warranty and customer-friendly return policies back this focus on hassle-free reliability. These elements combined inspire trust, making it an excellent choice for families seeking a system backed by genuine commitment, not just technology.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans
Annual and Monthly options available.
Initial Setup Fee
For the Annual plan: $199; For the Monthly plan: $299.
Monthly Fee
Annual plan: $59.95/month; Monthly plan: $69.95/month.
Extra Services Fees
Most features included; specific add-on services may vary.
Discounts and Offers
Promotional offers include discounts for AARP members and military veterans, with one month free.
Trial Period
30-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to try risk-free.

The financial aspect of any medical alert system is essential. Unaliwear aims to make the Kanega Watch accessible with flexible payment options. Monthly or annual subscriptions allow users to align the cost with their budget. Additionally, the variable setup fee creates multiple entry points, ensuring most budgets can access this protection.

Notably, the price point reflects the impressive feature set. GPS, fall detection, and medication reminders are often sold as add-ons elsewhere. Here, they’re integrated. Unaliwear also offers discounts and trial periods, making their value even more enticing. It’s a testament to their commitment to accessibility without sacrificing safety features.

Customer and Expert Opinions

The true measure of a medical alert system lies in real-world use and expert analysis. The Kanega Watch shines here. User testimonials often focus on the simplicity of the device, its sleekness, which lessens any stigma of wearing a medical alert, and, most importantly, the genuine reassurance it brings. Connie S.’s story, where the fall detection likely saved her life, is a powerful example of its impact.

Beyond individuals, experts in the industry are taking notice. Sources like Tech-enhanced Life and Forbes highlight how the Kanega uniquely blends practical features with attractive design. That balance is vital as it makes seniors more likely to wear the device, which is when it can provide protection.

The constant positive feedback has elevated Unaliwear to the position of leader in this niche. Both users and experts agree that the Kanega Watch is a significant step forward in senior safety, reducing fall risks and ultimately allowing older adults to live more confidently.

Pros and Cons

Before investing in any medical alert system, weighing the pros and cons is essential. Here’s a balanced view of the Kanega Watch to help you decide:

  • Discreet Design: It looks like a modern watch, not an apparent medical device, and encourages consistent wear.
  • 24/7 Protection: Knowing help is a button press away offers priceless peace of mind.
  • Medication Reminders: An often-overlooked feature that genuinely improves health outcomes.
  • Voice Activation: Ensures ease of use even if dexterity is limited.
  • Water-resistant: No need to remove it for showers; one of the most common places where falls occur.
  • Fall Detection: Reliable tech means swift help, and it minimizes disruptive false alarms.
  • Watch's Fit: The design may sit bulky on tiny wrists, a potential comfort issue.
  • Cost: The upfront device cost and ongoing subscription fees might strain some budgets.
  • Lack of Caregiver Tracking App: For dementia patients prone to wandering, this is a severe limitation.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Unaliwear Kanega Watch is a distinctive offering in the medical alert space. It’s designed for active, independent seniors. The sleekness, the always-on monitoring, and even the medication reminders all reflect this focus. Expert reviews agree, praising it for ease of use and functionality.

It’s essential to be realistic – the size, the price, and the lack of certain specialized features mean it’s not the perfect fit for everyone. Yet, for many, the innovation is undeniably attractive.

This watch truly excels for seniors prioritizing freedom and discretion. The excellent battery life, reliable emergency coverage, and user-friendly setup details contribute to that sense of security. While perhaps not ideal for those with advanced dementia, it’s a significant investment in independence for those who fit its target user. Ultimately, it’s best to carefully consider if the Kanega Watch’s benefits align with your specific needs.

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