General Information

Overall Rating
Startup Costs
$0, with potential activation fees
User Reviews
Mostly positive, highlighting reliability
Most Popular Products
In-Home Systems, Mobile Systems with GPS
Highly rated for consistent performance
Ease of Setup
User-friendly, with support available
Ease of Use
Intuitive devices for all age groups
Best for
Seniors, individuals with medical conditions, active adults

OneCall Alert Medical Systems distinguishes itself in the competitive landscape of medical alert solutions, focusing on its users’ safety, independence, and peace of mind. Achieving a laudable overall rating of 4.6 out of 5, the brand is celebrated for its practical, reliable services and the positive feedback it consistently receives from users. Distinguishing itself with an approach that eliminates startup costs, OneCall Alert has made its services increasingly accessible, though it remains transparent about any potential activation fees for specific plans.

Central to OneCall Alert’s acclaim is its array of user-friendly systems. Its in-home and mobile offerings, complete with GPS capabilities, are crafted to meet the diverse needs of its clientele. Catering to seniors, individuals with medical conditions, and active adults, OneCall Alert ensures that immediate assistance is always available, no matter the circumstance.

Further bolstering its reputation is the partnership with MobileHelp, which enhances OneCall Alert’s offerings by merging trustworthiness with the latest technological advancements. This collaboration highlights the brand’s dedication to user satisfaction through transparent pricing, exceptional customer service, and a versatile range of products designed to meet the unique safety needs of today’s seniors and beyond.

Types of Devices Offered by OneCall Alert

In-home Devices
Landline and cellular options, high range
Wearable Devices
Pendants and wristbands, waterproof, GPS-enabled
Wall Buttons
Additional safety, easy access in high-risk areas
Other Devices
Specialized devices for specific needs, including mobile apps

OneCall Alert’s portfolio of devices showcases the brand’s commitment to providing a comprehensive safety net for its users, regardless of their environment. The brand offers an extensive range of solutions, from robust in-home systems ensuring safety within the residence to wearable devices designed for mobility and constant access to assistance. These offerings underscore the brand’s dedication to catering to its users’ varied lifestyles and preferences.

OneCall Alert presents landline and cellular connectivity systems for in-home safety, ensuring users feel secure in every homeroom. Wearable options, such as pendants and wristbands, are waterproof and GPS-enabled, allowing users to go about their daily activities with the reassurance that help is just a button press away. To enhance safety further, especially in areas of the home where risks are heightened, wall buttons are strategically placed, providing quick access to assistance when needed most.

Moreover, OneCall Alert doesn’t stop at traditional devices; it also offers specialized solutions, including mobile apps, to ensure every user finds a system that fits seamlessly into their lifestyle. Through its thoughtfully designed products, OneCall Alert affirms its role as a leader in the medical alert system industry, dedicated to enriching the lives of its users by maintaining their safety and independence.

OneCall`s Most Popular Product Reviews

OneCall Alert offers a curated selection of products at the forefront of medical alert technology, ensuring safety and peace of mind. These devices, from comprehensive in-home systems to versatile mobile solutions, are crafted with the user’s convenience and security as paramount priorities. Delving into the specifics of their most popular offerings, it becomes evident how OneCall Alert distinguishes itself in medical alert systems.

In-Home Landline System: Esteemed for its straightforward and reliable protection within the home, this system is an ideal solution for individuals with a stable landline connection. It is praised for its seamless setup and extensive in-home coverage, making it an excellent option for those seeking simplicity and effectiveness. Users appreciate its direct communication with emergency services, ensuring quick response times during critical situations.

In-Home Wireless System: Adapting to modern needs, the In-Home Wireless System breaks free from the constraints of landline dependency by utilizing cellular technology to offer expansive coverage. This system aligns with the lifestyle of individuals who prioritize mobility within their living space, ensuring safety is not compromised. Its ease of installation and dependable performance make it a preferred choice for those who value flexibility alongside traditional security.

Mobile On-the-Go System: Tailored for the active user, this system extends its protective reach beyond the home, incorporating GPS technology for real-time location tracking. Ideal for those who live vibrant, on-the-go lifestyles but seek the reassurance of accessible emergency assistance, this compact and wearable device exemplifies the fusion of mobility and safety. Its design caters to a broad audience, offering peace of mind in every setting.

Through these innovative solutions, OneCall Alert aims to weave a safety net that adapts to individual lifestyles, ensuring that assistance is always within arm’s reach, whether at home or afar.

Compare to Other Brands

Technical Characteristics

Battery Life
Varies by device, long-lasting for continuous use
Connectivity Type
Landline, Cellular, GPS
Size and Weight
Compact and lightweight for convenience
In-home Systems Range
Extensive coverage within the home
Wearable Device Range
Broad range, ensuring connectivity outdoors
Customization and Alert Options
Personalized response plans available
Fall Detection
Water Resistant
Devices designed for use in various conditions

OneCall Alert’s devices are engineered with precision, emphasizing reliability and user-centric design. The brand’s technical features underscore a commitment to ensuring that their devices are always operational and ready to assist when needed.

Extended battery life across OneCall Alert’s product range guarantees that the devices remain active around the clock, providing continuous protection. With diverse connectivity options, including landline, cellular, and GPS, users benefit from unparalleled flexibility in utilizing their medical alert systems. These devices’ compact and lightweight nature enhances wearability and convenience, ensuring they integrate seamlessly into daily life.

Furthermore, the systems offer extensive in-home coverage, ensuring users can move freely within their space with confidence that help is nearby. The wearable devices maintain broad connectivity, even outdoors, thanks to advanced technology that keeps users connected to the monitoring service.

Customization options allow for personalized response plans, catering to the unique needs of each user. Additionally, water-resistant designs ensure the devices can be used in various conditions, including during showers, providing an added layer of safety.

Through these thoughtful technical characteristics, OneCall Alert delivers solutions that combine innovation with reliability, ensuring users have the support they need precisely when it’s most critical.

Monitoring and Response Features

24/7 Monitoring Service
Continuous protection and support
Monitoring Center Certification
Two-Way Voice Communication
GPS Tracking
Activity Monitoring
Works with various devices and systems
Mobile App Integration
Seamless connectivity with smartphones
Monitoring & Response Time
Rapid response to ensure user safety

The approach to monitoring and response within the alert system is designed with precision, ensuring that users can rely on quick and dependable support at any moment. This vigilant, around-the-clock monitoring service underscores the commitment to safeguarding users, offering continuous protection and support.

The certification of the monitoring centers highlights the adherence to stringent standards of quality and reliability, ensuring professional assistance is readily available when needed. Integrating two-way voice communication adds a personal touch, enabling swift assessment and comfort during emergencies—a critical aspect of delivering prompt support.

Advanced protection is further enhanced by GPS tracking capabilities, which are particularly beneficial for users leading active lives. This feature guarantees that the user’s location can be accurately determined, facilitating immediate emergency response. Additionally, activity monitoring and mobile app integration broaden the surveillance scope, providing users and their families with an additional security layer.

Swift response times are pivotal, ensuring every alert is addressed with urgency and accuracy. This comprehensive stance on monitoring and response solidifies users’ confidence in the system, contributing significantly to their peace of mind.

Additional Features

Not Specified
Multi-User Support
Systems can support multiple users
Medication Reminders
Voice Activation
Multilingual Support

The medical alert systems are augmented with extra features designed to elevate the user experience and provide a holistic safety net. These features address the varied requirements of the user base, enhancing convenience and security.

The capability to support multiple users renders the system ideal for households with several individuals who could benefit from the alert service, fostering a shared safety environment. Medication reminders expand the utility of the devices, aiding users in adhering to their medication schedules effectively.

Voice activation offers an added convenience layer, allowing users to command their devices without physical interaction—especially useful in urgent situations. Providing support in multiple languages ensures that users can receive help in their preferred language, improving communication clarity.

Incorporating a caregiver app strengthens the user support network by enabling close ones to keep track of the user’s status, receive notifications, and remain informed about their well-being. Coupled with activity monitoring, this feature enhances health management and offers caregivers valuable insights into the user’s daily routines and safety.

Customer Service and Support

Customer Service Score
High ratings for responsiveness and help
Devices Maintenance
Guidance and support for device upkeep
Returns and Refunds
Clear policies for user satisfaction
Coverage for device repairs or replacement

The reputation for exceptional customer service and support is fundamental, ensuring users receive comprehensive backing with the medical alert system throughout their journey. This dedication is reflected in the high praise from users, who appreciate the swift, respectful, and practical assistance offered.

The key to this service excellence is the monitoring center’s certification, which illustrates the commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality and reliability. This certification guarantees that help is immediately on hand when needed. Detailed guidance and support for device maintenance ensure that users can keep their devices in prime condition, preserving system reliability and efficacy.

Transparent policies on returns and refunds build further trust, providing users with assurance and peace of mind. Device warranties add a layer of security, covering necessary repairs or replacements and highlighting confidence in the product’s quality.

Cost and Value

Subscription Plans
Various plans available to suit different needs and budgets.
Initial Setup Fee
Fees may apply depending on the chosen plan or ongoing promotions.
Monthly Fee
Complete Protection: From $36.95/month Mobile Double: From $39.95/month In-Home Landline: From $22.95/month In-Home Wireless: From $29.95/month Mobile On-the-Go: From $32.95/month All-in-One: From $31.95/month
Extra Services Fees
Additional costs for optional features like fall detection or GPS tracking.
Discounts and Offers
Periodic promotions or discounts for new or existing customers.
Trial Period
Offers a trial period to test the service before making a long-term commitment.

The pricing strategy is meticulously crafted to balance affordability with comprehensive service, offering a range of subscription plans to suit different preferences and financial situations. By reducing initial setup fees and presenting competitive monthly rates, the system becomes more accessible, reflecting the commitment to affordability.

Transparency is maintained regarding additional fees for optional features like fall detection or GPS tracking, enabling users to tailor their plans to fit specific requirements and budgetary limits. Periodic promotions and discounts incentivize engagement with the services, enhancing overall value.

The provision of a trial period demonstrates confidence in the services and a commitment to user satisfaction, allowing individuals to test the system’s suitability before committing fully. This balanced approach to cost and comprehensive service offerings positions the system as a leader in the medical alert industry, promising high-quality solutions for a broad range of user needs and financial scenarios.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Genuine feedback from users offers invaluable insights into the tangible benefits and performance of medical alert systems. These reflections highlight the dedication to providing a reliable, user-friendly service that stands out for its exceptional customer support. Such endorsements allow those considering the system to gauge its real-life impact and the difference it makes in the lives of its users.

Common themes in the feedback include:

  • Rapid and empathetic responses during critical times.
  • The intuitive design of the devices.
  • The profound sense of reassurance that accompanies the service.

Although some feedback mentions the equipment cost or the coverage area of wearable tech, the dominant tone is resoundingly affirmative.

This positive feedback highlights the system’s esteemed position as a dependable and cherished option within the medical alert sphere, mirroring the commitment to prioritize user well-being and satisfaction.

OneCall Alert Systems Pros and Cons

The array of features and services is carefully crafted to cater to the varied requirements for user safety, showcasing a blend of versatility and steadfast reliability. Yet, when considering such an all-encompassing service, it’s wise for prospective users to evaluate any extra charges for specific enhancements and to compare the ongoing costs with other available services.

Despite these factors, the proven track record of high-quality service and user contentment, as reflected through user feedback and accolades, solidifies its position as a premier choice within the industry.

  • A wide array of plans tailored to different needs, ensuring there's a suitable option for every user.
  • Most plans do not require an equipment fee, making the system more accessible to a broader audience.
  • Fall detection and GPS tracking features offer enhanced security and peace of mind for users and their families.
  • The brand has garnered positive feedback for its reliability and customer service, reflecting its commitment to user satisfaction.
  • Flexible subscription options, including no long-term contract requirements, cater to users' preferences and circumstances.
  • Some more desirable features, such as fall detection, come with an additional monthly fee, potentially increasing the overall cost for users.
  • Monthly fees may be higher than some competitors, especially for plans with extra features.
  • Limited information on specific device capabilities without direct inquiry may require potential users to seek more details to make an informed decision.

Final Verdict and Recommendations

OneCall Alert is steadfast in offering reliable and user-friendly medical alert systems, accommodating many user preferences and needs. With its array of plans, absence of equipment fees for most options, and inclusion of advanced features like fall detection and GPS tracking, OneCall Alert distinguishes itself for its versatility and comprehensive service.

While additional costs are associated with certain features, the overall value and overwhelmingly positive customer feedback suggest OneCall Alert as a solid investment for those searching for dependable medical alert solutions. The brand is recommended for individuals seeking customizable plans and those who value having a breadth of features to ensure safety and peace of mind.


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Is fall detection included?
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