General Information

Overall Rating
Startup Costs
No activation, equipment, or installation fees
User Reviews
Positive feedback, particularly for their responsive customer service
Most Popular Products
HOME & AWAY ULTRA GPS Medical Alert System, HOME & YARD Medical Alert System
Trusted for its effective emergency response
Ease of Setup
User-friendly systems that are easy to install
Ease of Use
Intuitive products designed for seniors
Best for
Seniors seeking independence, individuals with medical conditions requiring monitoring

What Sets Them Apart

Medical Care Alert goes the extra mile to make safety accessible and easy to use, which is especially important if you’re dealing with health issues or the challenges of aging. They offer plans tailor-made for different lifestyles, whether you spend most of your time at home or prefer getting out and about. And setting everything up couldn’t be easier!

Types of Devices

In-home Devices
Systems like HOME and HOME-3G, designed for stationary use within the home.
Wearable Devices
Water-resistant pendants and wristbands that can be worn around the house or yard
Wall Buttons
Additional safety buttons that can be mounted anywhere in the home for easy access
Other Devices
The HOME & AWAY ULTRA system, an all-in-one mobile device with GPS and cellular connectivity

Device Options That Fit Your Life

Medical Care Alert understands that everyone’s situation is unique. They offer various medical alert systems to match your needs:

  • Staying Close to Home: In-home systems are your safety net while you relax or put around the house.
  • Staying Active: Wearable devices go wherever you do, keeping you covered.
  • Ultimate Freedom: Their HOME & AWAY ULTRA system adds GPS tracking and a cell connection, making it perfect for walks, errands, or travel.
  • Extra Features: Think fall detection and an app that keeps your family in the loop – they’ve got those options, too.

Top-Rated Products

  • HOME & AWAY ULTRA GPS Medical Alert System: This system is the whole package, with GPS location tracking, cellular connection, and a waterproof help button you can use to talk!
  • HOME & YARD Medical Alert System: Do you love spending time outside? This one’s designed for your backyard or garden, so you can relax knowing help is nearby.

Each system is super simple to use and set up, so you won’t have to stress about the technical side.

Technical Specs

Battery Life
The devices offer long battery life, with emergency backup batteries ensuring continuous protection.
Connectivity Type
Systems utilize landline and cellular connections, providing flexibility based on user needs.
Size and Weight
Compact and lightweight design for user comfort and ease of wearability.
In-home Systems Range
Up to 1,000 feet range for in-home devices, ensuring wide coverage.
Wearable Device Range
Wearable devices maintain a strong connection within the specified range of the base unit.
Customization and Alert Options
Options for fall detection and various wearable choices.
Fall Detection
Water Resistant
Devices are designed to be water-resistant, suitable for use in showers.

Medical Care Alert devices aren’t just user-friendly; they’re built tough. Long battery life gives you peace of mind, especially with their wearable devices. You can choose a classic landline setup or go with cellular coverage for more portability.

Their devices are small, lightweight, and waterproof – wear them in the shower, rain, or wherever! Whether you’re using an at-home or mobile system, they have the connectivity you need for a quick response.

Compare to Other Brands

Monitoring and Response Features

24/7 Monitoring Service
Continuous monitoring ensures help is always available.
Monitoring Center Certification
Two-Way Voice Communication
Enables direct communication with the monitoring center.
GPS Tracking
Activity Monitoring
Devices are compatible with various home setups.
Mobile App Integration
Enhances user and caregiver experience by providing additional control and monitoring options.
Monitoring & Response Time
Quick response times and reliable service in emergencies, supported by user feedback and certifications.

Fast & Reliable Emergency Response

When seconds count, Medical Care Alert knows what matters. Their 24/7 monitoring is top-notch. Their devices let you talk directly to the response team, making it quick and easy to explain your situation.

Want even more security? Opt for fall detection – it can automatically call for help if needed. GPS tracking pinpoints your location (great for those with memory issues). Plus, with their caregiver app, your loved ones can watch things.

Additional Features

Multi-User Support
Medication Reminders
Voice Activation
Multilingual Support

Beyond the Basics

Medical Care Alert goes above and beyond with features that give you that extra bit of security and improve daily life:M/p>

  • Easy Entry: Lockboxes let emergency responders in fast, no fumbling with keys.
  • Shared Protection: Some plans cover multiple people in your home.
  • Healthy Habits: Need medication reminders or activity tracking? They’ve got you covered.
  • Convenience: Voice controls and caregiver apps make things even simpler.
  • No Exclusions: Multilingual support ensures everyone can get the help they need.

Exceptional Customer Service

Customer Service Score
High ratings for responsive and helpful service
Devices Maintenance
Support for maintaining device functionality
Returns and Refunds
Clear policies for user satisfaction
Coverage for devices, ensuring reliability

Medical Care Alert is known for going the extra mile for its customers. Positive reviews and monitoring center certifications prove their commitment. Plus, if you ever need a hand with your device, they offer maintenance support to keep things running smoothly.

They believe everyone deserves a safety net and have policies that reflect that – think clear terms on returns, refunds, and warranties.

Pricing Plans

Subscription Plans
Various options tailored to user needs, including in-home and mobile systems.
Initial Setup Fee
No initial setup fee, enhancing accessibility and affordability
Monthly Fee
Competitive monthly rates, offering value for comprehensive services
Extra Services Fees
Options for additional services like fall detection, available at extra costs
Discounts and Offers
Available discounts and special offers to provide additional value
Trial Period
Offers a trial period, allowing users to experience the service before making a long-term commitment

Affordability & Value

Medical Care Alert doesn’t believe safety should break the bank. No setup fees sweeten the deal, and they have many monthly plans. Those extra features are available for an added cost if you need them.

Discounts, special offers, and a generous trial period let you “test drive” the service before you fully commit.

What Real Users Are Saying

Medical Care Alert’s positive testimonials speak for themselves. Customers rave about the dependable service, how easy the devices are to use, and the knowledge that help is available around the clock.

This feedback reflects the company’s dedication to making its users feel secure and supported.

The Pros & Cons

No system is perfect! Here’s a quick breakdown to help you decide:

  • No setup fees
  • Lots of plan options for different budgets
  • Certified monitoring gives you peace of mind
  • Customers love how responsive they are
  • Trial period so you can check it out risk-free
  • Extra features can drive up the price
  • In-home systems have a more limited range than some competitors

The Verdict

Medical Care Alert is a solid choice if you’re looking for a reliable, user-friendly medical alert system. Their certified monitoring and variety of plans are real standouts!

The potential for extra costs is something to be aware of, but they’re worth considering, especially for seniors who want a dependable safety net.

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