General Information

Overall Rating
Startup Costs
$0 with no upfront equipment or activation fees
User Reviews
Highly positive
Most Popular Products
Touch Classic, Mobile Duo, Touch Duo
Ease of Setup
Ease of Use
User-friendly devices and interface
Best for
Seniors living alone, individuals with medical conditions, active adults seeking peace of mind

Overview of MobileHelp

MobileHelp has been in the game since 2006, headquartered in sunny Boca Raton, Florida. The cool thing is that they partner with AT&T to give you nationwide coverage. Whether you’re primarily a homebody or like to get out and about, they’ve got you covered. They offer everything from classic at-home systems to on-the-go devices and even bundles that give you the best of both worlds! Their MobileHelp Micro System is especially impressive – waterproof, battery lasts for days and even connects to a handy app.

You can tell MobileHelp cares about making their tech powerful and easy to use. The MobileHelp Micro System is a perfect example. It packs in all those must-have features for seniors on the move or anyone needing that extra bit of medical monitoring.

Here’s the best part—there are no long-term contracts to get tied down by! Plus, knowing their monitoring centers are based right here in the U.S. gives you that extra peace of mind. And hey, if you’re worried about falls, they’ve got optional fall detection tech, too. MobileHelp is all about helping you feel safe and independent.

Types of MobileHelp Devices

In-home Devices
Classic, Wired Home, Touch Classic
Wearable Devices
Solo, Micro
Wall Buttons
Automatic Fall Detection Buttons
Other Devices
Mobile Duo, Touch Duo (All-in-one systems)

MobileHelp gets that everyone’s different. That’s why they’ve got a whole range of devices to fit your needs. If you’re usually at home, they have classic in-home systems that keep you safe within your own four walls. Need something you can take with you? Their wearable devices are like having an emergency button right on your wrist or neck! You can even add extra wall buttons around the house in those spots where falls are more likely.

But here’s where they really go the extra mile—MobileHelp has special systems for those who like to stay active. GPS tracking, direct cell connection… it’s like having a safety net wherever you roam! They’re serious about giving you options and protecting you, no matter your lifestyle.

Technical Characteristics

Battery Life
Over 30 hours for in-home, 24 hours for mobile products
Connectivity Type
AT&T Cellular Network
Size and Weight
Size of a deck of cards and weighs 3 ounces
In-home Systems Range
1400 feet
Wearable Device Range
600 feet from the Mobile Device
Customization and Alert Options
Fall Detection
Advanced fall detection technology
Water Resistant
Yes (some devices)

MobileHelp doesn’t skimp on the tech side—it’s what makes them stand out. Their devices have super long-lasting batteries, so you don’t have to constantly worry about charging them. Plus, they work on AT&T’s network, which means you’re covered pretty much anywhere in the U.S. Even better, many of their devices are waterproof, perfect for wearing in the shower or out in the rain.

And if you’re concerned about falls (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), they offer fall detection technology. Think of it as an automatic safety backup! The MobileHelp Connect App adds another layer of control and convenience. All these features show that MobileHelp is on the cutting edge of medical alert tech.

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Monitoring and Response Features

24/7 Monitoring Service
Constant access to U.S.-based monitoring centers
Monitoring Center Certification
Two-Way Voice Communication
Available in all devices
GPS Tracking
Activity Monitoring
Compatiable with other brand devices and apps
Mobile App Integration
Monitoring & Response Time
Quick response time

When it comes to getting help fast, MobileHelp has your back. Their monitoring centers are staffed 24/7 here in the U.S., so someone’s always ready to jump into action if needed.

They’ve also got two-way voice built into their devices. That means no fumbling with phones – you can talk directly to the monitoring team to explain the situation. Need help but can’t reach the button? Their optional fall detection can automatically send out an alert. Even better, they’ve GPS tracking to pinpoint your location – super helpful if you get lost or disoriented.

The best part is how quickly they respond. You can even customize what happens when you hit that alert button. It’s clear MobileHelp is serious about getting you the right kind of help fast.

Additional Features

Multi-User Support
Medication Reminders
Voice Activation
Multilingual Support

MobileHelp understands that it’s not just about emergencies – it’s about everyday peace of mind. That’s why they pack their systems with a bunch of extra goodies:

  • Easy Access: Lockboxes mean first responders don’t need to break down your door in an emergency.
  • Family Protection: Some plans cover multiple people in your house, keeping everyone safe.
  • Stay Healthy: Want medication reminders or activity tracking? They’ve got you covered.
  • Extra Convenience: Use voice commands or let your family keep tabs on things with the caregiver app.
  • No Language Barriers: They offer multilingual support so everyone can get the help they need.

MobileHelp thinks things through. Their mission isn’t just about reacting to a crisis but about making your whole life safer and easier to manage.

Customer Support

Customer Service Score
Devices Maintenance
Comprehensive guidelines and support
Returns and Refunds
Clear and fair policy
No, but equipment replacement cover for normal maintenance

MobileHelp knows good customer service is just as important as the tech itself. They’re there to help you with every step, from picking the right plan to answering all your questions – even if they seem silly! You shouldn’t feel alone regarding your safety, and their support team ensures you don’t.

Cost and Value

Subscription Plans
Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, Monthly
Initial Setup Fee
Monthly Fee
From $19.95 for in-home and $39.95 for on-the-go devices
Extra Services Fees
from 6$/month
Discounts and Offers
1 Free Month + 50% off Fall Detection
Trial Period
30 Days Risk Free Trial

MobileHelp balances affordability and high-quality emergency response services, ensuring users receive excellent value for their money. Their approach is designed with the user in mind, offering a range of subscription plans to cater to various needs and budgets.

There are no high upfront costs, making it easier to get started. MobileHelp also frequently runs promotions and offers generous trial periods. This commitment to affordability and accessibility makes MobileHelp a preferred choice for those seeking dependable medical alert services.

Pros and Cons

Choosing the right medical alert system is essential. Let’s examine the pros and cons of MobileHelp to help you decide if It’s a good match.

  • Comprehensive options. Find the right devices and services, including both home-based and mobile solutions (some with GPS!) to match individual needs.
  • Flexible plans. Choose a subscription that works for your needs and budget, with no long-term contracts required.
  • User-friendly designs. Simple setup and maintenance make these devices accessible for everyone.
  • Reliable support. 24/7 monitoring from certified centers and dedicated customer support mean help is always within reach.
  • Thoughtful features. Enjoy benefits like medication reminders, activity monitoring, and apps to connect with caregivers.
  • Affordable choice. Competitive pricing and no required long-term contracts offer cost-effective solutions.
  • Additional fees may apply. Some of the most desirable features, like fall detection or GPS, may add extra monthly costs.
  • Device selection could be broader. While offering a good range, those looking for the latest in wearable technology might want a slightly wider selection.
  • Equipment Cost: Some plans may include an initial cost for equipment, although this is often offset by the lack of a setup fee or the availability of discounts.

Final Words

MobileHelp is a solid choice for anyone looking for a reliable, easy-to-use, and budget-friendly medical alert system. They’ve got you covered at home and on the go, offer plans to fit most budgets, and their devices are super user-friendly. Sure, their most advanced features can cost a bit extra, and the signal range has its limits. However, their focus on quality service and accessibility makes them stand out in the industry.

If you’re trying to decide on a medical alert system, MobileHelp is worth serious consideration. They’ve got the tech, the customer service, and the value to keep you or your loved ones safe and independent.

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