General Information

Overall Rating
Startup Costs
Starting at $19.95/month + $79 one-time programming fee
User Reviews
Predominantly positive
Most Popular Products
Home Cellular System Mytrex LTE, Mobile LTE System
Trusted 24/7 monitoring services
Ease of Setup
User-friendly installation process
Ease of Use
Intuitive devices designed for seniors
Best for
Seniors living alone, individuals with medical conditions, and those seeking extra safety assurance

Choice, Reliability, and Affordability. In 2024, this company stands out as a top provider of medical alert systems. They understand that everyone’s needs differ, so they don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Whether you’re looking for the reassurance of help at home or the freedom to roam with protection, they’ve got you covered.

Their overall solid rating of 4.5/5 shows a commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and constantly improving their products. They make getting started easy with reasonable prices and frequent promotions. But customer reviews highlight what sets them apart: a system you can count on, easy setup, and a support team ready to go the extra mile.

Tailored for You. Whether at home, running errands, or exploring the world, they have a system that fits how you live. Popular options include their at-home systems, mobile units, and cutting-edge devices with fall detection. Knowing they’re backed by around-the-clock monitoring means you’re never truly alone.

They’ve also put serious thought into making these devices accessible. No complicated setup that leaves you frustrated. Their focus on user-friendly design empowers anyone to feel confident using a system, especially those who may not be tech experts.
Who Benefits Most? These systems offer an extra sense of security for seniors living independently, people managing medical conditions, or active adults who want the freedom to live without fear. When you can trust your technology and the company behind it, it truly lets you live life to the fullest.

Types of Devices: Protection Designed Around You

In-home Devices
Cellular and Landline In-Home Systems with emergency button
Wearable Devices
Mobile Systems: On the Go, On the Go Liite, Mobile LTE systems with wearable wristband or necklace wearable devices
Wall Buttons
Mytrex Wall Button, Linear PERS Wall Button
Other Devices
Smoke detector, Lockboxes, MedicalAlert Connect App

Imagine having a safety toolkit tailored to your life. That’s the idea behind this company’s range of medical alert devices. For homebodies, their in-home systems create a haven – instant help is always just the press of a button away. Always on the move? Their discreet, wearable devices are like having a lifeline in your pocket, ready no matter where you wander.

They understand that safety concerns can be specific, so options like wall-mounted help buttons provide extra peace of mind in areas where falls could happen. Thinking beyond just the devices, they offer both mobile solutions and a user-friendly app, demonstrating their commitment to finding the right solution for every individual.

Customization is key. Add-ons like fall detection and GPS tracking allow you to tailor your system further, ensuring it works precisely how you need it to.

Popular Products: A Quick Overview

Let’s peek at some of the reasons why these particular systems are so well-liked:

  • In-home Systems: This is the foundation of your home safety network. You get a base unit that allows crystal-clear communication with the monitoring center, a waterproof help button (wearable as a necklace or wristband), and a broad signal range that covers most houses.
  • Mobile Systems: Safety shouldn’t limit your freedom. These consist of a portable device, a quick-access help button, and the power of GPS location tracking – a massive help if you love to explore or find yourself in unfamiliar places.
  • Fall Detection: Sometimes you can’t reach the button yourself. This optional feature is a game-changer, automatically detecting falls and summoning help even if you cannot initiate the call. It works seamlessly with both in-home and mobile systems.
  • Medical Alert Mobile App: Your system’s command center is right in your pocket. Use it to contact customer support, manage your account (or a loved one’s), and receive real-time alerts.

And remember, this is just a taste. They offer various devices and customizable features, from essential at-home systems to GPS-equipped mobile solutions. To dig into all that’s available and find the ideal setup, a visit to their website is the best next step.

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Technical Characteristics: Built to Work, Built for Life

Battery Life
Long-lasting batteries with up to 30 hours
Connectivity Type
Cellular, Landline
Size and Weight
Compact and lightweight
In-home Systems Range
Wearable Device Range
Cellular network cover
Customization and Alert Options
Available via MedicalAlert Connect App
Fall Detection
Water Resistant

Medical Alert knows that their devices have to be two things: reliable and easy to live with. That’s why they focus on features like long-lasting batteries (up to 30 hours on a charge.) and the choice between landline or cellular service. They want to ensure their systems fit seamlessly into your life, not vice versa. They design their devices to be minor, lightweight, and discreet, whether you prefer to wear them or keep them close at hand.

Their in-home systems offer an impressive range – up to 800 feet in most cases – so you can move about your house worry-free. For those who love getting out and about, their wearable devices pair that same freedom of movement with the vast reach of cellular networks. Don’t let a little rain or a spilled drink worry you – many of their devices are water-resistant, a practical touch for real-world use.

Customization is where Medical Alert shines. Their easy-to-use app (Medical Alert Connect) lets you tailor alerts and notifications to what matters most. Worried about falls? They offer advanced fall detection technology that adds another layer of protection, sensing when something’s wrong, even if you can’t reach the button yourself.

Performance and Reliability: Help When You Need It Most

24/7 Monitoring Service
Monitoring Center Certification
Two-Way Voice Communication
GPS Tracking
Included to Mobile Systems
Activity Monitoring
Mobile app
Mobile App Integration
MedicalAlert Connect Mobile App access included in all subscription plans
Monitoring & Response Time
24/7 monitoring and quick response times ensure rapid assistance during emergencies.

The real test of a medical alert system is how it performs when you need it. That’s where Medical Alert delivers. They offer around-the-clock monitoring by trained professionals, so help is always a call away. Two-way communication means no frantic, one-sided conversations – you and the monitoring center can discuss the situation clearly, ensuring you get the right kind of help quickly.
Their optional fall detection is a true lifesaver for many users. If you can’t press the button, it can get help started for you. And for those who like being outdoors, their mobile systems include GPS tracking. This lets responders find you fast, even if you’re off the beaten path.

Medical Alert goes the extra mile by allowing caregivers and families to be part of the safety net. Their app and features like geofencing offer loved ones peace of mind. They also design their systems with flexibility – they integrate easily with other smart home products you might use.

But what truly sets them apart is their response time – it’s consistently among the fastest in the industry. That’s the whole point of having a system like this. They’ve earned a strong reputation, backed by great user reviews and industry certifications, for being there when those precious seconds count.

Additional Features: The Little Things That Matter

As additional options (free for semi-annuali and annually subscription plans)
Multi-User Support
Available for In-Home Systems (required additional wristband or nacklage device purchase)
Medication Reminders
Voice Activation
Multilingual Support

Medical Alert gets that proper safety isn’t just about those big emergency moments. They offer a range of extras that both simplify your life and provide that extra reassurance daily:

  • Lockboxes: For those who live alone, this can be a lifesaver – literally. These secure boxes let first responders access your home quickly without breaking down doors. Best part? They’re often included at no extra cost with specific plans.
  • Multi-User Support: Perfect for couples or roommates. This lets the same in-home system protect multiple people. Each person needs a wearable help button.
  • Voice Activation: Makes using their system super easy, especially if hand dexterity is a concern. Just speak a command, and the system will respond.
  • Caregiver App: This is huge for families. Loved ones can check in on the system’s status, receive alerts, and generally stay up to date, even from afar.
  • Multilingual Support: Feeling safe shouldn’t depend on what language you speak. Medical Alert offers support in multiple languages, allowing more people to access their potentially life-saving services.

Keep in mind that there may be extra fees for some of these features. But considering their convenience and peace of mind, they’re often well worth the investment.

Customer Service and Support: They're In Your Corner

Customer Service Score
Devices Maintenance
Guidelines and support available for device upkeep.
Returns and Refunds
Clear policies in place for customer satisfaction
Offers warranty on devices, covering repairs or replacements.

A medical alert system is only as reliable as the company behind it. That’s where Medical Alert gets it right. They prioritize customer satisfaction. Their fully certified monitoring centers mean they adhere to strict standards, ensuring quality service around the clock.

They’ve got your back beyond just emergencies. You’ll find helpful guides for maintaining your system and keeping it in peak condition. But if something does break, no worries – they have clear warranty policies, so you’re not left with useless equipment. User reviews consistently highlight how friendly and responsive their customer service team is.

This dedication to support and their 24/7 monitoring is a significant reason Medical Alert customers feel secure with their choice.

Cost and Value: Finding the Fit That's Right for You

Subscription Plans
Monthly, Semi-Annual, Annual
Initial Setup Fee
$79 one-time programming fee + selected subscription plan
Monthly Fee
Starts at: $19.95 for In-Home Landline, $29.95 for In-Home Cellular System, $39.95 for Mobile System
Extra Services Fees
Fall detection for 10$/month, Protection Plan for device replacement, Lockboxes
Discounts and Offers
Periodic promotions or discounts for new or existing customers.
Trial Period

Medical Alert knows that budgets and needs vary from person to person. That’s why they offer flexibility with monthly, semi-annual, and annual plans. While there’s usually an initial setup fee, keep your eyes peeled for those frequent promotions – sometimes, they’ll waive it entirely.

Their monthly costs align with those of other reputable companies, especially when you factor in their top-notch service and features. Need even more protection? Add-ons like fall detection and GPS tracking are available (for an extra monthly fee, of course). Everyone loves a good deal. Medical Alert often runs discounts and promotions, making saving money or trying out those extra features easier before committing.

It’s true, they don’t offer a traditional ‘try before you buy’ model. However, their focus on customer satisfaction is evident. By offering things like flexible return policies, they demonstrate their commitment to helping you feel confident that you’ve got the right system for your needs.

MedicalAlert Systems: Pros and Cons

Let’s do a quick recap to help you weigh your options:

  • Choice: At-home, on-the-go – they've got a system that fits your life.
  • Technology: Fall detection, GPS tracking, two-way voice... they think of it all.
  • Affordability: Pricing is competitive and offers different plans to suit your budget.
  • Happy Customers: People consistently love how well their systems work and the top-notch support team.
  • User-Friendly: Even non-techies can use their devices with confidence.
  • Upfront Costs: The setup fee and those add-ons can add up.
  • So Many Options: Many plans and features are great but can be overwhelming for some.
  • Technical Limits: No system is perfect. Things like signal range or battery life are worth considering for your specific needs.

The pros outweigh the cons here. Medical Alert’s focus on innovation and putting users first makes them a strong player in medical alert systems.

Final Verdict: Is Medical Alert the Right Fit?

Medical Alert isn’t messing around. They offer a solid lineup of devices and a strong commitment to customer service. Whether you’re mainly concerned about safety within your home, on the go, or a mix of both, they’ve likely got a solution that fits your life.

Yes, things like setup fees and the price of add-ons can add up. However, their plans’ flexibility, reputation for rapid response in emergencies, and overall high customer satisfaction make them well worth considering.

Medical Alert is an excellent option for seniors, those managing medical conditions, or anyone who wants that extra layer of security that comes with knowing help is a button press away. Their technology is cutting-edge, their devices are user-friendly, and they go above and beyond to support their customers.

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