General Information

Overall Rating
Startup Costs
$0 with potential activation fees for specific plans
User Reviews
Positive, highlighting reliability and service quality
Most Popular Products
Belle and Belle+ for mobile connectivity and safety features
Robust AT&T network ensuring consistent nationwide coverage
Ease of Setup
Straightforward setup process with minimal effort required
Ease of Use
Intuitive interface catering to users of varying ages
Best for
Ideal for solitary seniors, individuals with health conditions, and active adults seeking additional security

Championing senior safety and independence, ResponseNow Medical Alert Systems blends innovation with a deep-rooted history spanning thirty years. The company offers dependable, user-centric devices like the Belle and Belle+ models, which are supported nationwide. Their commitment is evident in their transparent pricing, no initial setup costs, and stellar customer support, all aimed at delivering tranquility to users and their loved ones.

Types of Devices

In-home Devices
ResponseNow In-Home System
Wearable Devices
Belle Device
Wall Buttons
ResponseNow Wall-Mounted Help Button
Other Devices
ResponseNow Mobile Application

ResponseNow offers a variety of medical alert systems catering to different needs:

  • In-home Devices: The ResponseNow In-Home System connects via landline or cellular network, offering wide coverage within the home. It’s designed for those who primarily need monitoring while indoors.
  • Wearable Devices: The Belle Device is a standout wearable option, offering GPS functionality, waterproofing for shower safety, and fall detection technology. It’s ideal for active individuals needing protection both indoors and outdoors.
  • Wall Buttons: The ResponseNow Wall-Mounted Help Button can be placed in various locations around the home, providing easy access to call for help, especially in high-risk areas like bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Other Devices: The ResponseNow Mobile Application extends the system’s functionality, allowing users to monitor their status and get assistance through their mobile devices, offering added flexibility and peace of mind.

ResponseNow Product Reviews

ResponseNow’s flagship devices, Belle and Belle+, ensure comprehensive protection with AT&T’s nationwide network. The Belle, ideal for on-the-move individuals, and the Belle+, which adds essential fall detection and GPS tracking, are designed for user-friendliness, rapid recharging, and continuous monitoring.

Belle Review:

With its expansive coverage via AT&T, the Belle device caters to individuals with active lifestyles, providing robust safety features indoors and outdoors. Its water-resistant nature allows for versatile use, while its intuitive design ensures easy operation. The rapid charging capability minimizes downtime, enhancing user convenience. Belle’s reliability is underscored by its 24/7 monitoring support, ensuring help is always within reach, offering users a seamless safety net.

Belle+ Review:

Belle+ advances Belle’s offerings by incorporating essential features like fall detection and GPS tracking, optimizing them for users requiring additional safety measures. These features are pivotal for prompt location-specific assistance, enhancing the device’s utility for individuals with more significant risk factors. Belle+’s user-friendly interface, fast charging, and comprehensive monitoring provide a holistic safety solution, reinforcing ResponseNow’s commitment to delivering advanced, reliable medical alert systems for active seniors.

These products embody ResponseNow’s commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable medical alert systems tailored to the needs of modern, active seniors.

Technical Characteristics

Battery Life
Bell: up to 30 days, Belle X: 1-2 weeks
Connectivity Type
4G LTE for Belle and Belle X devices, Landline for in-home medical alerts
Size and Weight
Belle: 2 ounces, Belle X: 1.3 ounces, in-home systems: 1 ounce (Pendant)
In-home Systems Range
Wearable Device Range
Customization and Alert Options
Fall Detection in Belle X, Basic Alert in in-home devices
Fall Detection
Water Resistant
Belle and Belle X are water resistant

ResponseNow tailors its devices, notably the Belle and Belle X, for seamless user experience and enhanced safety, boasting up to 30 days of battery life for Belle and up to two weeks for Belle X. Their design is user-friendly, ensuring ease of wear while providing reliable 4G LTE connectivity across the nation. The In The Home system complements in-house safety with its significant range. Customization options adapt to varied user environments, including Belle X’s fall detection and the all-device water resistance feature.

Compare to Other Brands

Performance and Reliability

24/7 Monitoring Service
Monitoring Center Certification
Two-Way Voice Communication
GPS Tracking
Wearable devices allows GPS tracking
Activity Monitoring
Mobile and in-home
Mobile App Integration
in Belle X only
Monitoring & Response Time

ResponseNow’s commitment to dependability is evident in its round-the-clock monitoring service. Belle and Belle X’s two-way communication feature fosters direct interaction with emergency teams. Belle X enhances safety with its quick alert system via fall detection and GPS. Additional tools like caregiver tracking and geofencing in Belle X offer families extra reassurance. Fast response times from ResponseNow highlight their dedication to ensuring user safety and contentment.

Additional Features

Multi-User Support
Medication Reminders
Voice Activation
Multilingual Support

ResponseNow enhances user safety with features like lockboxes for emergency access, multi-user support for family connectivity, medication reminders, and activity monitoring for health routine management. Voice activation eases device interaction, and the caregiver app offers essential updates, ensuring family reassurance. The service’s multilingual support caters to a diverse user base.

Customer Service and Support

Customer Service Score
High satisfaction
Devices Maintenance
Comprehensive support
Returns and Refunds
User-friendly policies
Robust warranty coverage

ResponseNow is lauded for its exceptional customer service, reflected in its high satisfaction ratings. They ensure continuous reliability with certified, 24/7 operational monitoring centers and thorough device maintenance.

Their straightforward policies on returns and warranties underscore their user-focused commitment, solidifying their position as a trusted provider in the medical alert system domain.

Cost and Value

Subscription Plans
Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Plans
Initial Setup Fee
Monthly Fee
Belle: $39.95, Belle+: $49.95, In The Home: $29.95
Extra Services Fees
Fall detection (Belle+), GPS Tracking, Caregiver App
Discounts and Offers
Promotions available on the website
Trial Period
Risk-free trial available

ResponseNow offers flexible pricing with monthly, quarterly, and annual plans tailored to different user needs. Beyond the base rates for Belle, Belle+, and In The Home systems, additional fees apply for specialized services like fall detection for Belle+, GPS tracking, and the caregiver app.

Customers can take advantage of promotions listed on ResponseNow’s website and enjoy a risk-free trial, ensuring they select the plan that best suits their requirements and budget.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Feedback from users underscores ResponseNow’s product reliability and service efficiency. Customers commend the swift responses, user-friendly nature, and resulting peace of mind.

Testimonials often emphasize how ResponseNow boosts user independence and reassures their families, providing meaningful insights for those contemplating ResponseNow’s offerings.

Pros and Cons: Responsenow Medical Alert System

ResponseNow stands out in the medical alert system market with its dependable devices, diverse features, and customer-focused pricing. Although considering the cost for additional functionalities is necessary, the overall benefits offer substantial value. With its exceptional customer support and a broad selection of device choices, ResponseNow is an excellent option for those searching for reliable and comprehensive medical alert services.

  • Diverse device lineup with Belle, Belle+, and In The Home options.
  • Attractive pricing without setup fees.
  • Enhanced safety features, including fall detection and GPS.
  • Extensive AT&T network coverage.
  • User accolades for system dependability and support.
  • Additional features like fall detection incur more costs.
  • Device compatibility and integration details are sparse.
  • Unclear guidance on global service options.

Final Verdict and Recommendations

ResponseNow delivers trustworthy medical alert systems, blending variety and affordability. While assessing costs for premium features is vital, the value remains compelling.

The brand’s strong points are its support and device flexibility, ideal for those searching for reliable alert systems. Belle+ stands out for individuals needing advanced safety functionalities.

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